Whirlpool Corporation: A Family of Brands for Every Home Build



Kelly Safis
General Manager
Builder Sales
Whirlpool Corporation

“At Whirlpool Corporation, we have the unique ability to bring to our builders five brands within our family.

“From Amana, that would be at that affordable, or entry level. We then go into Whirlpool – offers a wide range of freestanding and built-in appliances at a very good price for the value. Then we step up into Maytag. Great brand. Known for its laundry products for years and years. Has as much history as Whirlpool does. From there we go into our premium brand KitchenAid. Great brand. Started with the stand mixer – now we have a full range of kitchen appliances that come from KitchenAid.

“All the way up to our brand new JennAir line, which is just getting huge reviews. Extremely well received by the design community. We have two very different looks: We have RISE and NOIR. And if you haven’t seen these designs, you really need to take the time to either go to one of our facilities or even check us out on JennAir.com and see what gorgeous opportunities we have for that very super premium brand.

“So where else can you find a company that builds over 70% of what you put in your homes here in North America; is still the only U.S.-owned appliance company; and has three brands that have been around for a hundred years or more – right here and available to you as a builder.”


To get in touch with a sales rep today, visit WhirlpoolPro.com/contact.



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